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Christmas is Hell

This year, Christmas went all right. I envy people who get excited, people who say it’s their favorite time of year. It isn’t my favorite time at all. It’s the worst. Every year, I brace myself, starting on November 1st. … Continue reading

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That Thin Line Between Love and Hate

There’s different types of love. An attraction or attachment to something. An object. A pet. Or to a person: a spouse, boy/girlfriend, lover, or someone you get “fixed” on who may not even be aware of your attraction to him/her. … Continue reading

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Shit Never Ends

As I was brewing my morning coffee, my son was getting ready to head off to work. “If you go out today,” he says, “can you mail the Nirvana disk back to Netflix for me?”  “I’m going to the  library to see about reserving a computer. … Continue reading

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