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Floundering Through It

I flounder through this life of mine. I’d say, “I’ve lived haphazardly,” but I don’t mean “aimlessly.” I have always had an aim: poetry, writing, art. Yet, here I am, going gray and still trying to get “there.” I haven’t … Continue reading

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Writers and Wannabe’s

When I took my first creative writing class, at a community college, back in 1980, the class wasn’t crowded. We were a tiny group, less than a dozen, that returned each semester. But after a couple of years, it got … Continue reading

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My Chapbook – A Creative Project

I finally got my chapbook printed. I thought it was going to come out looking cheesy, given some DIY chapbooks I’ve seen. But the word processing aspect makes a difference, apparently. The printer said, “Oh, you did a great job.” … Continue reading

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