About Me

My name is Estela.

Chapbook of poetry titled "For the Hell of it".

My little self-published chapbook. Used one of my paintings (acrylic) for the cover.

I have an English degree (BA). I studied English with an emphasis on Literature. I also took creative writing as an elective. I wanted to be a poet, and also write short stories. Other than that, I had no plan when I went to college. I thought I’d figure things out as I went along. (Like this WP blog.)

I got married when I was 16, divorced at 30. That’s when I went to college, raising my three children. Alone. But that was over thirty years ago. My children are grown and on their own. I have a granddaughter in college. I’m still divorced. Technically retired. (Worked clerical/administrative to get by when I did work.)

This is not a professional blog, it’s a personal one. A practice one, really.


1 Response to About Me

  1. soloneili says:

    I got Dickinsonitis, Bukowski and Plath too. The tuning fork is humming. Will stick around. read one thing so far, tis enough to be hooked and I can see why Bukowski. Tara fer now. Neil the Brit.

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