RIP John Trudell

Image of two John Trudel CDs and a documentary DVD.

RIP John Trudell. Your words remain in the air.

“My ride showed up,” someone wrote for him on his Facebook page, at his request, as he neared the end on his hospital bed.

Awe, man, the many times he was nearby, and I never had the honor of crossing paths with him. He was just like right over there, just around the corner, just a few blocks away, and I was over here. I’d learn about it later. The missed opportunity always so disappointed me. I know people who did meet him, and they all say he was down to earth. He was not aloof, or full of ego. At all. If you never heard of John Trudell, here is a pretty good article about him on CounterPunch.

John Trudell was a brilliant man. He told the truth. That’s why some people hated him. He told the truth not only about how Native people were targeted, but about how all humans are endangered by the deranged who lust after power and wealth. He warns that they mined the earth for her minerals, and now they mine our souls for our essence. I have no doubt there are some who cannot fathom this. Just as they cannot fathom Noam Chomsky’s idea of “Manufacturing Consent.” It’s the same thing.

You can check out John Trudell on Youtube.

Image of four Sacred Directions, circle with four colors, black, red, yellow, white.

Four Sacred Directions.

I had heard he was ill. I knew this was coming. Still, I’m rattled at the news of his passing. I don’t know of anyone, ANYONE, I admired more than John Trudell. Rest in peace, brother, great warrior, philosopher, poet, actor, artist, activist, human being, indigenous man. Your body is lifeless, your spirit has passed on, but your words remain in the air. May they reach many more ears, may they continue to enlighten all people of earth, may they continue to give us indigenous folks strength and courage to continue living in a good way. Peace, love, and light.


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