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End of 2015

Well, it’s midnight on the east coast. In California, still waiting for the the New Year. I’m watching Jools Holland, with this little gal on my lap. Her name is Isabel. She’s a short hair Chihuahua mix. We think she … Continue reading

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Write to Be

Over 20 years ago, I said to a poet friend, “I don’t know how to be.” I didn’t. Still really don’t. But I know, to be, I have to write. When I read, I become the work, the poem. When … Continue reading

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We both drank. We were both drunk assholes. In the beginning, it was great. We laughed, pointing out absurdities, which this world is full of. We were cynical, sarcastic, sardonic. He was a skeptic, a pessimist. So was I. We … Continue reading

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RIP John Trudell

“My ride showed up,” someone wrote for him on his Facebook page, at his request, as he neared the end on his hospital bed. Awe, man, the many times he was nearby, and I never had the honor of crossing … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Being Human

I was watching The Voice recently, and Sia was the guest performer. I said, “Well, there’s that chick with the shaggy dog hair gimmick.” She killed with her song, her voice, her singing. I’ve seen her before, but I hadn’t … Continue reading

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