Ten, Twenty, Thirty Years, I’m Losing Track!

Still have this old radio alarm clock.

Oh, man, talk about a time warp. In my last post I said that the Valley girl thing was ten years ago. What? 😮 NO! It was more like thirty years ago! I’m so embarrassed! 😳

Oh, hell, I don’t think anyone read it anyway. I went back and edited, fixed it. I hope I didn’t make any other fantastic errors. What a dork. 😛

Damnit, time flies! And the older you get, the faster it seems to go.

I’m a snail. I take forever to do things. Before I know it, ten years have gone by, twenty, thirty. Next thing I know, bam! I’m an old bag. What? 😯

But that’s all right. I’m glad to be alive. And feeling all right. No health issues. Knock on wood.

I like WordPress. I need to learn about more about how to work it. There are things I still don’t know how to do.

I hope I come up with ideas to write about. And that I enjoy it. And that it’s fun or interesting to read.

I doubt anyone even gets the Emily Dickinson allusion.


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Poet. Artist. Grammy of one, a granddaughter. Mom of three, son and two daughters, all grown. Individualist. Care-taker of Isabel, an agoraphobic, fear-aggressive, very nervous, delicate flower, Chihuahua mix.
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