It's all peachy.

I watched an episode of Louie the other day. Joan Rivers guest starred in this episode. Louie was moaning and groaning about the bullshit that he just couldn’t take anymore. He quit a gig after having a bad show. He was working in a lounge in a Trump hotel and casino.  Joan says, “What do you mean you quit?”

The audience was hardly paying attention, some people got up and left, went back to play the slot machines, or whatever. So, of course, Louie (Louis C.K.), being Louie, curses and cuts the audience, Trump, the casino and hotel. Then he finds himself in front of the manager, who reminds him that his contract forbids him from disparaging the casino, the audience, and Mr. Trump, and that he is not to use the “F” word, the “N” word, or the “D” word. “The D word?”, Louie says, “What’s the ‘D word’?”

“I don’t know,” the manager says, and then tells him that he’s guilty of violating the other three stipulations in his contract anyway, and if he doesn’t comply, he will have to fire him. Louie quits, disgusted.

“You don’t quit a job! This is a rough business!”, Joan says. “Consider yourself lucky when you have a job. Appreciate,” she tells him.

“Yeah,” he says, “but you’re on the main floor. They got me in the shitty lounge.”

“I was in the shitty lounge two years ago, sugarpuss. And for all I know I might be in the shitty lounge two years from now, and you’ll be on the main stage. That’s the nature of this business.” She tells him he has to go back and apologize, say he was wrong, and that he wants his job back. Then she says, “I’d like to tell you that it gets better, but it doesn’t. It just doesn’t. That’s why you have to get better.”

I thought about how upset I was week before last; I was absolutely fed up. But the advice Joan gave Louie made me stop and think: life is like that, challenging, difficult, with it’s ups and downs, and I just have to get better at handling it. I can’t allow people to upset me so much. I have let shit go.

I take a few minutes every day to  meditate and stretch. I take a deep breath, breathing in air through my nose, and then I release it slowly, exhaling through my mouth. As I inhale, I remind myself it’s the Creator’s air, and I imagine I am being filled with light. Then as I exhale, I imagine negative energy leaving my body. As I stretch, I release the negative energy that settles in my body, especially in my back and my neck.

Hell, no, I’m not satisfied with my life. I’m in the shitty lounge. But it could be worse. I count my blessings, appreciate what I have. Life is peachy, really. The proverbial glass is half full. Half full, not empty. That’s a blessing.


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